Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm glad to see the Vatican finally starting to show some frustration at the obvious focus on its problems at the exclusion of the same problem with other groups. This child abuse needs to be stopped, everywhere. Furthermore, I'm glad to see this being truthfully identified as a homosexual problem inside the Church. If it were truly pedophilia we would see abuse of young girls as well as boys, just like we are seeing with the abuse inside the education community.

I hope this helps the Church understand something else; the U.N. is not your friend. The Church has been spending a lot of time there recently, holding hands and singing Kumbaya about global warming and "social justice". The U.N. wants the Church destroyed and will see it done. It is not your friend. Disassociate yourself from its lies and socialist policies before it's too late.

"The Vatican has lashed out at criticism over its handling of its paedophilia crisis by saying the Catholic church was "busy cleaning its own house" and that the problems with clerical sex abuse in other churches were as big, if not bigger.

In a defiant and provocative statement, issued following a meeting of the UN human rights council in Geneva, the Holy See said the majority of Catholic clergy who committed such acts were not paedophiles but homosexuals attracted to sex with adolescent males."


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