Monday, September 14, 2009


James Kunstler is consistently correct in his prognostication and his remedies. He just can't seem to avoid the typical attacks on what he perceives as conservative buffoons. Whatever. His biases don't alter the wisdom of his words.

"Now that everybody in the USA, from the janitors in their man-caves to the president addressing congress, has declared the "recession" over, is exactly the moment when what's left of the so-called economy is most likely to implode. If there were still shoeshine boys on Wall Street, they'd be starting their own hedge funds now, and CNBC's Larry Kudlow would be toasting them in the Grill Room of The Four Seasons. What we've seen in the vaunted rally for the last six months is the triumph of wishing over facts, combined with the most arrant market manipulation by floundering banks backstopped by a panicked government -- all pounding sand down a rat-hole of hopeless non-performing debt, while pretending that the machinery of capital finance still grinds on."

Cluster**** Nation

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