Monday, September 14, 2009


"President Barack Obama is to call for a series of sweeping regulatory changes to the framework governing the world's largest banks in a bid to prevent a collapse like that of Lehman Brothers."

Regulate this, tinker with that, play around the edges. What won't happen is the dismantling of the Federal Reserve and the uncoupling from the business interests that control both parties. I include in this group businesses such as labor unions, community organizers and others that profit from public largesse along with the corporations that make sure everything is distorted in their favor. The government will continue to function as a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs. It will continue to involve itself in Utopian socialist idealism combined with fascist manipulation of the markets with its buddies in the world of big business. Our government will not cease to involve itself in bribery, brutality, theft, lying and whatever other tactics are necessary to line the pockets of the bankers and politicians while the people struggle to keep a roof over their heads.

So Mr. President, it's time that you and the rest of the corrupt, self serving evil bastards that we sent to Washington start to look to the people and not your own power. We expect and have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You can serve us best by dismantling the system. We don't need more regulation! We need a small government that allows real competition. We need money that is based on something real, not a bunch of numbers that are so cooked they have no meaning. We need all political power to be returned to the people via the 10th amendment to the Constitution. We need Washington to become what it is supposed to be, an afterthought in our daily lives. We don't need you to tell us how much water our toilets should use and what kind of light bulb we should screw into the socket!

If you really want to help us, leave us alone. If a socialist Utopia is your goal, go back to Chicago and create one. Let the people of Illinois decide if they want to go along for the ride. Show the rest of the country how well it works there and then let individual states hop on board if they want to. Some states will, some won't. The people will live in the state that best suits their beliefs. Competition will allow for all ideas to be tested.

Of course, Utopia will lose and Capitalism will win. But then, you already know this. That's why you're trying to ram your evil, corrupt system of government down our throats at the national level. Hurry, hurry, don't read the bills; it's an emergency.

We're on to you Mr. President. We understand what is at stake. The days of politicians hiding behind the smokescreen of public apathy are over. Did you happen to look out your window Saturday? There stood our future, not yours. Tens of thousands of normal people, taking time out of their lives to say, "Leave us alone!!".

The jig is up. We're coming to take back our birthright. You will try to stop it from happening. So, with apologies to Dirty Harry, "But being as this is a Constitutional Republic, based on a capitalistic economic system, the most powerful political system in the world, and would blow your socialist Utopia clean to pieces, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?"

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