Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This from 24th State:

"Carnahan Spokesman Sara Howard Caught Scrubbing Her Past

Russ Carnahan decided to hire Sara Howard, a longtime SEIU staff member as his director of communications shortly before his Townhall on Aging. He announced it on August 5th, and the townhall was August 6th. That townhall marked a turning point nationally, as SEIU, ACORN, OFA, HCA, and other liberal groups started sending large groups of counter protestors to protect their pet politicians. That townhall was also where SEIU staff members Perry Molens and Elston McCowan were arrested after assaulting Kenneth Gladney.

Dana Loesch posts up the LinkedIn profile of Sara Howard, but something is missing. That same profile, since last month, has been scrubbed. The original profile listed Walmart Watch, the SEIU funded project that spent several years attacking Walmart as one of her roles. That listing is no longer there.

I can see why. Walmart Watch worked in close coordination with ACORN, using ACORN's community organizers to picket Walmart locations while the SEIU branch attacked them digitally and with press releases. Interesting that Sara scrubbed that from her profile just recently. Sadly, I did not take screenshots, as who would have believed she was ashamed of ACORN?

Also missing is Howard's time as the Missouri spokesman for ACT (Americans Coming Together), a pro-Kerry progressive voting group that was fined a massive $775,000 for federal campaign finance violations, including taking illegal donations from SEIU.

What did SEIU/ACT do with the money? In Missouri, they hired felons, including those listed as murderers and rapists, to go door to door registering voters. You might remember the name because Laura Egerdal, the Director of Communications for Robin Carnahan, was a former SEIU employee who in 2004 posted the jobs for Americans Coming Together, as reported by Gateway Pundit earlier this year. So now you have two SEIU employees closely affiliated with an organization that illegally gathered millions of dollars and spent it on hiring felons to go door to door gathering registrations.

That's a resume maker for Carnahan campaigns.

So why Howard and why now? Russ was having an awful summer, and so he reached out to his friends and sister and asked for help. Sara is married to Robin's campaign spokesperson, who also is the spokesperson for Tom Carnahan. They now keep it in the family, and can spread information back and forth.

Don't be confused by the letters. SEIU/ACORN/ProVote/AFCSME/SEIU Missouri Kansas Council are all fruits of the same poisoned tree. Seeing as the Post Dispatch has refused to report or discuss how these union groups have perverted Missouri Democratic politicians, it will once again be up to citizens to provide the proof."

24th State

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