Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Heaven forbid someone should come into a neighborhood and help the people that live there clean it up. It's not like the Guardian Angels are an unknown entity. They have been effective in neighborhoods all over the country. The St. Louis Police didn't support them 20 years ago, either. What, are they afraid that the Angels may be able to have a positive affect on crime? Would this make them look bad? Or, is there something else? Is someone afraid that an outside group might upset the boat, maybe find out things that would be best left unknown? Someone is making money. I don't know who but I know it is happening. It goes hand in hand with the drug trade. Could this be the reason that the police won't support the Angels? There has to be some reason that after all these years the drug and crime problem continues to climb. I've known and talked to too many people in North St. Louis to believe this problem can't be solved. The subject of police corruption is always at the top of their list. I have discounted some as talk but the stories and the complaints have been too consistent over too long a period to not have some truth in them.

So I'm just asking the question; what are the police afraid of?

"Abdul "Sam" Samara, who runs a grocery in the city's Hyde Park neighborhood, said drive-by shootings and drug activity are rampant in that pocket of north St. Louis. He has been to 15 funerals in seven years.

With that reality, Samara greets Guardian Angels' founder Curtis Sliwa as the cavalry of sorts. Samara thinks the New York-based volunteer crime prevention group could do wonders if it took root in Hyde Park.

But after a meeting on Monday, St. Louis police wouldn't commit to cooperating with the Guardian Angels."
St. Louis Post Dispatch

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